David Brooks' Brain Controlled by Indian Help Desk

LOLbrooksDavid Brooks, in today's New York Times, finally reveals what we suspected all along: he really doesn't do any thinking for himself. Brooks unashamedly admits that he listens to songs from The O.C. soundtrack because "I just log on to iTunes and it tells me what I like." He also drives where his car tells him to drive and doesn't have a memory any more because Yahoo, Google and Wikipedia hijacked his cerebellum long ago. "I'm no longer clear on where I end and my BlackBerry begins," he states, and this explains a lot, doesn't it? It gets worse, though, because then he gets cosmic: "I have relinquished control over my decisions to the universal mind. I have fused with the knowledge of the cybersphere, and entered the bliss of a higher metaphysic." We look forward to the day when Brooks receives his "lolcats" implant, because he'll be way more entertaining when he finally does.

The Outsourced Brain [NY Times]


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