David Brooks Finds Love In Holy Land


A terribly immature homophobe sent us this childish nonsense earlier about what he and his girlfriend (Princess Leia) were typing to each other on the Internet: "Me and my girlfriend have been discussing it intensely over gchat for the last 20 minutes and we've come to the conclusion that we've finally found definitive evidence that David Brooks is gay in today's nytimes column." Nonsense, David Brooks is white. It means nothing that his driver in Israel, a "young, hip-looking, alt-rocker dude," protected him after their car raped another car from the rear.

On my 12th visit to Israel, I finally had my baptism by traffic accident. I was sitting at a red light, when a bus turning the corner honked at me to back up. When I did, I scraped the fender of the car behind me.

The driver — a young, hip-looking, alt-rocker dude — came running out of the car in a fury. He ran up to the bus driver and got into a ferocious screaming match. Then he came up to me graciously and kindly. We were brothers in the war against bus drivers. Then, as we were filling out our paperwork, another bus happened by and honked. The rocker ran out into the street and got into another ferocious screaming match with this driver. Then he came back to me all smiles and warmth.


A Loud and Promised Land [NYT]


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