David Brooks Throws 'Under The Truck' Under The Bus

God, David Brooks is a sap. His new terrible column is addressed to God -- "God, Republicans are saps." -- and then it drags out some tortured split-personality analogy ("Dr. Barack" and, uh, "Fast Eddie") that is supposed to suggest that Hopeful Obama is also an ambitious politician and may be "in it to win it."

And then Brooks uses "throw under the truck" like fifty fucking times in an 800-word column, and the NYT editors hate him so much, they didn't even correct it to "under the bus."

Dear NYT: Please fire him, so he can go back to some wingnut newsletter. And also fire Kristol, who already has a wingnut newsletter to write for. And then hire our Peggy Noonan for your token conservative, because it's nice when a columnist can, you know, write.

The Two Obamas [New York Times]


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