David Gergen Is Mentally Retarded

Gergen in 1931. - WonketteAh, David Gergen: Man of Many Presidential Administrations, Consummate Washington Insider, Respected Nonpartisan Elder Statesman ... and all this time, an actual retard. Here, the former senior adviser to every administration since Harding talks about the Scooter Libby verdict:

"This is an administration that has been mostly free of scandal over the last six years and now they have the taint that they cannot erase," he said.
Mostly free of scandal? Jesus Christ, it's the most corrupt, incompetent kleptocracy in American History. The election itself was an international scandal. How about Cheney's secret "Energy task force," Jack Abramoff, Halliburton's no-bid contracts, Chalabi, Cheney hunting humans, Cheney's unmarried pregnant lesbian daughter, the invasion of Iraq, Mission Accomplished, Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, Katrina, FEMA, Nigerian uranium, Armstrong Williams, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman, Jeff Gannon, Dubai Ports, blocking the 9/11 Commission, anthrax, WMDs ... nope, no scandals there.

Gergen: 'There's a lot more to know' in CIA leak case [CNN]


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