David Letterman Is Sorry For Rigging Iran's Election

  • President Obama gave a long speech to a pack of recalcitrant doctors yesterday as part of his ongoing quest to socialize medicine. [New York Times]
  • The debate over Israeli settlements in the West Bank continued, with Israel generously offering to just keep doing what they've been doing, which is what the Palestinians want them to not do anymore. [Washington Post]
  • Saab Automobile shall return to the bosom of Sweden, as it has been purchased by Koenigsegg Group AB, a "Swedish boutique supercar maker." [Dow Jones]
  • David Letterman apologized, again, for making that terrible joke about whatever Palin daughter that was. This apology was particularly contrite, so hopefully the governor of Alaska will call off her goons. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Jimmy Carter visited Gaza and was shocked and horrified by all the awfulness he saw there. [BBC News]
  • The Guardian Council, a group of Islamic law experts and clerics, will supervise a partial recount of the Iranian election. This is not exactly the full and impartial recount that a lot of people had probably been hoping for. [MSNBC]

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