David Plouffe Calls Darrell Issa A Crybaby Car Robber Firebug To His Face (On Twitter)

David Plouffe Calls Darrell Issa A Crybaby Car Robber Firebug To His Face (On Twitter)

Why is top Obama adviser and '08 campaign guru David Plouffe being so Uncivil as to call crybaby car robber arsonist Darrell Issa a crybaby car robber firebug? Probably because flibbenflobbenslobberIRSghazi the Obama Administration is the most dastardly and intimidating administration the world has ever known, and this is just one more instance of how COMPLETELY UNFAIRLY they will intimidate you by calling you a crybaby car robber firebug just because you were charged with stealing cars and suspected of burning down your own buildings, and also because you love to cry. (Apparently, David Plouffe forgot to put "crybaby" in his Tweeter, can somebody ask him to correct it?)

Steve Benen remembers the good times in this New Yorker report about Darrell Issa's car robbing and firebugging, the one we always get great glee in citing whenever we talk about how Darrell Issa loved to rob cars and start fires (and cry).

For the record, Lizza's report on Issa highlighted one run-in with the law after another, including arrests and indictments. There are also many suspected crimes -- he's accused of deliberately burning down a building and threatening a former employee with a gun -- which did not lead to formal charges, but which nevertheless cast the congressman in a less-than-flattering light.

The New Yorker report also noted an incident in which Issa was in a car accident with a woman who needed to be hospitalized. He drove away before the police could arrive because, as he told the person he hit, he didn't have time to wait. Issa didn't face charges, but he was sued over the matter, and agreed to an out-of-court settlement.

And in case that weren't quite enough, the same article also noted instances in which Issa appears to have lied about his background.

LIES? How dare you, The New Yorker! Pistols at dawn! (Also, Bill Ayers is Darrell Issa's real dad, pass the word.)


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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