David Vitter Not At All Like Eliot Spitzer, Says Vitter

Forget Silda Wall Spitzer -- the biggest victim in the whole Eliot Spitzer Prostitute Sex Scandal 2k8 is Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, who has become the target of a heinous elitist liberal smear campaign. While Vitter had sex with a high-priced call girl, like Eliot Spitzer, he lashed out at reporters yesterday who suggested the incidents might be, say, similar? Vitter reminds us that they are not at all similar, because of his stance on The Illegals, and other such things.

The point is, the Emperor's Club VIP is not at all the hooker service he was using:

"I have made a very serious mistake a long time ago and I have to live with that every day ... That's not a flippant statement. I need to spend my whole life making up for that ... Anybody who looks at the two cases will see there is an enormous difference between the two of them. The people that are trying to draw comparisons to the two cases are people who've never agreed with me on important issues like immigration and other things."

Indeed. If Hitler -- a liberal Democrat -- were still alive, he would also draw the obvious comparisons, making them false and also anti-Semitic.

Vitter sees no comparison [Times-Picayune]


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