David Vitter Still Refusing To Say He Broke Law With Prostitute Diaper Fun


Breakin' the law, breakin' the law!David Vitter's Democratic opponent is going to lose to him on Tuesday, so at this point, the only thing he can really do is say, "C'mon Louisiana, you're going to vote for the guy who buys hookers to dress him up in diapers? Really?" David Vitter is still going to debates with this man, so he has to hear questions from the moderators like, "So, buying hookers: Illegal, right?" And David Vitter will not respond. But we ask you this: If David Vitter broke the law, which law did he break? Did he break the law against loving Louisiana and its nurturing bayous too much? GUILTY AS CHARGED! Did he break the law of cosines? Perhaps, depending on the angle of his Huggies. Did he break natural law? No, because that thing he did is how humans make babies and also how they keep babies from making a mess. Well, then, did he break the law of babies? Yes.

During an exchange with debate moderators, Vitter was asked multiple times whether he violated the law when he committed what he himself described three years ago as a “very serious sin.” [...]

One moderator, Greg Meriwether of WAFB-TV, followed up: “Can you look the camera right now and talk to the voters and tell them did you violate the law?”

“I just did look in the camera,” the senator replied. “I just did ...”

“Did you violate the law? Yes or no, sir,” Meriwether interrupted.

Vitter’s response: “Again, you can ask those questions. You can look back 10 years. You can stay fixated on that. My job, I believe, is to look forward on behalf of the people of Louisiana.”

If you don't look back at your past, it's impossible that you ever committed a crime. Case closed. Or at least it will seem that way until Sam Waterson reads his poem at the Comedy Central rally tomorrow. And then we will know David Vitter has broken God's law, better known as Law & Order. [Politico]


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