Vitter Worried About Mexicans Getting Through Louisana's Border Fence


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Ever been to Louisiana? One interesting thing is that the "Mexico" underneath the state is actually made of seawater (and BP oil). But this hasn't stopped Diaperman's campaign from producing this comically offensive ad full of Cheech & Chong extras climbing through the Bayou State's "border fence."

Your editor was born and raised in Louisiana, and distinctly remembers a total lack of Mexicans when he was growing up. This became more noticeable in retrospect, because your editor next lived in Phoenix, which has many people of Latino heritage and the tamales and all that. But a funny thing apparently happened in Louisiana over the past decade or so: Mexican people somehow got through the Gulf of Mexico fence and began doing many of the low-wage jobs they've long done in the Southwest: construction, dishwashing, etc.

After Vitter's party drowned most of the black people who had long lived in New Orleans to the great annoyance of white people in Metairie and Kenner and wherever, state Republicans needed a new minority to hate like hell. Luckily, Republicans from the Southwest had experience hating the Mexican, who is both a minority and a foreigner. Knowledge and tactics were passed from West to Southeast. And, well, this is the video result.

That would be the end of the story, but local religious leaders got all pissed off about this commercial, and the Catholic Church is still a very big deal in New Orleans, and now Vitter might have to apologize or even change his campaign ad to something more respectable, like murdering women or screwing children. [TPM]


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