Days Of Our Nazis: White Nationalist Arrested For Battery, Kept It All In The Family

Things are not exactly going too well for the "alt-right" these days.

Hatreon, the premier fundraising site for professional hatemongers, has been unable to process funds for a month and is basically falling apart.

Richard Spencer is whining about how his sparsely attended rallies just aren't "fun" anymore.

Alt-right "personalities" Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner, who are famous for talking about how countries shouldn't allow in people whose beliefs conflict with their "values," were denied entry to the U.K., for pretty much that exact reason.

And just yesterday, Matthew "The Little Führer" Heimbach, the 26-year-old leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party, was arrested and charged with battery after assaulting his wife, Brooke Heimbach, and his spokesman, 36-year-old Matt Parrot, after they confronted him over his extramarital affair with Jessica Parrot, Matt Parrot's wife. Matt Parrot is also Brooke Heimbach's stepfather.

The unbelievably confusing chain of events began after a three-month long affair between Matt Heimbach and Jessica Parrot, which both had said was over. On Monday night, Brooke Heimbach and Jessica Parrot set up a sting operation at the Heimbachs' trailer, for the purposes of seeing if she could seduce him into reigniting the affair. Meanwhile, Matt Parrot and Brooke Heimbach stood outside the trailer peering through the window on a box to spy on them. (UPDATE: It turns out that the sting was so successful that Jessica Parrot and Heimbach ended up having sex while their spouses spied on them through the window as they were cuckolded. That is all very normal! It also turns out that Parrot's name is actually David, but he goes by "Matt," which makes things even more confusing.)

This did not go over well, and resulted in Matthew Heimbach assaulting both Brooke Heimbach and Matt Parrot, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports:

“He grabbed and injured my hand after I poked his chest then choked me out with his arm,” Parrott said in a handwritten statement to police. “Then he chased me to my home and did it again.”

After police arrived, the responding officer overheard a verbal confrontation between Heimbach and his wife, followed by a “scuffle,” the report states. Heimbach’s wife said her husband kicked a wall, grabbed her face “and threw me with the hand on my face onto the bed.” Police said the step-daughter recorded the attack on her cellphone.

On their police reports, all four people listed "White Nationalist" as their occupation. Heimbach was fired from his previous job as a case worker with the State of Indiana's Department of Family Services after responding to a training question by suggesting the use of violence against a client. That is definitely a good thing for families in Indiana.

Heimbach has been released on bail, and has been charged with "one felony count of domestic battery in the presence of a child under 16, and one misdemeanor count of battery."

Matt Parrot has since resigned from the Traditionalist Worker Party, telling the Southern Poverty Law Center on Tuesday, “I’m done. I’m out...SPLC has won. Matt Parrott is out of the game. Y’all have a nice life.”

Heimbach's Traditionalist Worker Party, and it's predecessor the Traditional Youth Party, espouses a form of Christian White Nationalism and is not only deeply racist and anti-Semitic, but also really obsessed with traditional gender roles, as well as opposition to same sex marriage, abortion and "anti-Christian degeneracy." Clearly, they are a very wholesome people.

The fact that Heimbach assaulted his wife is not at all surprising given the fact that, in addition to being a racist, he also has a tendency to get real angry about women who "don't know their place." In December of last year, in an episode of The Daily Traditionalist, Heimbach and his co-host Sven Longshanks vented their frustrations about right-wing women like Lauren Southern, Tomi Lahren, and Tara McCarthy, who they said were going around "trying to play the male role" instead of actually being good "trad" women and staying at home and making babies, like his wife does.

He was also very upset with Southern being "too sexy," the far-right watchdog blog Angry White Men reported at the time:

“[T]he Lauren Southerns of the world seem to be really just pushing to try and use — to sexualize themselves, which obviously she does that in a lot of her videos,” Heimbach said, “to get beta orbiters and to get money, and as Lauren Southern’s quote — I apologize for the graphic nature of the quote — she says that, ‘I don’t masturbate to anime, but I dress up like an anime character and men masturbate to me.'”

Clearly, Heimbach saw his wife confronting him about the affair as her "not knowing her place" or understanding that wholesome Christian tradition dictates that he can cheat on her with her stepfather's wife.

This is also not the first time Heimbach has been charged with assaulting a woman. In 2016, at a rally for Donald Trump, he was caught on video shoving a black woman protesting the event, and pleaded guilty to second-degree disorderly conduct, entering an Alford plea (wherein you plead guilty while asserting your innocence, despite being caught on videotape). The woman he assaulted in that incident, Kashiya Nwanguma, and two other protestors who claim they were assaulted by Heimbach, are currently suing him in federal court. Heimbach, who is representing himself, says he was only following Trump's orders to "get 'em out of here" and his promise to pay the legal fees of anyone who was arrested for doing so. (To our knowledge, Trump did not follow through.) He has also filed court papers seeking indemnity from Trump, asking that he take responsibility for the assault. Personal responsibility for the win!

If anything, all of this goes to show that these people are just going to destroy themselves. They don't need our help. They are deeply messed up, cruel, violent, hateful people who make very little sense and can't even manage to be consistent in their own worldview.

[Southern Poverty Law Center]

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