DC-Area Male Pines For The Tender Lips Of Ezra Klein


  • Knock-knock! Ezra Klein, are you there? So. There is sexual predator that rides the same bus as you. He knows your name. He likes you. In a sexual way. Next time you take the bus, look around you. Is there a strange man staring at you as he touches himself? THAT'S HIM! [DCist]

  • Three months into the fiscal year and Metro is already $20 million over budget. Time for a bake sale! [Washington Times]

  • DC BLOG WAR! Dave Stroup called Prince Dan Silverman of Petworth a shameless Fenty-sympathizer and then Dan e-mailed Dave and was like, "It's cute that you're so jealous of me," and then Dave posted the e-mail from Dan and was like, "Welcome to the internet." [Why I Hate DC]

  • Harrassment. Just an ordinary sport? How could you say such things about our nation's favorite pastime? [Holla Back DC]

  • A mob of angry Metro commuters revolt and take over an out-of-service train! [Unsuck DC Metro]


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