DC Celebrates The Worst And Offers Reasons To Dance


Tonight and Saturday, October 3: Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance. Dance if you want to, but it's way more fun to pay $15 to watch some of the best do it. [Velocity DC Dance Festival]

  • Tonight through Saturday, October 10: Asians celebrate Asian-ness at the 10th annual DC APA Film Festival, and you know there will be karaoke. [DC APA]
  • Tonight through Saturday, October 10: The best theater is free theater. That is, if you're still able to snag free tickets. [Free Night of Theater]
  • Wednesday, October 7: Nothing says a fun night out at the movies like the story of a Sudanese child solider turned rap artist. Free. [Capitol Visitors Center]
  • Thursday, October 8: Perhaps because they know something we don't know, the Capitol Visitor Center is hosting a Whistle Blower Film Series. Catch Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, a film about political corruption, Thursday at 6:30PM. Free. [Capitol Visitors Center]
  • Thursday, October 15 through Sunday, November 1: As unemployment skyrockets, what better than to watch a play about a man who losses his job to a big, fat machine. Tickets are $57, Studio Theater. [Adding Machine: A Musical]

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