DC Continues To Lose Money in Stupid Ways

* "Bank accounts and credit card statements across the nation can do the testifying for us on this point. And so it is at the most appropriate time of the year that What Would Jesus Buy?, Rob VanAlkemade's documentary on the Reverend and his cross country crusade to avert the 'shopacalypse', comes to theaters. If only the film itself was as worthy as its cause." [DCist]

* An idiot's guide to the Washington Metro system, courtesy of the lovely folks at WMATA. [Eavesdrop DC]

* "I complain about the stadium deal an awful lot. I mean, $611,000,000 of public money is an unprecedented amount of moolah to spend on a baseball stadium. And who knows if it will revitalize the Anacostia waterfront. But maybe I should give it a break. I mean, it's an unacceptable amount of money, but at least we're getting something tangible in return. The same can't be said for the estimated $44,000,000 we lost through fraud. That money went to Bentleys and Louis Vuitton handbags." [why.i.hate.dc]

* Willy Wonka sets up shop in Petworth, schnozberries taste (surprisingly) like schnozberries. [Prince of Petworth]


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