DC Cops Hate the Handicapped!

Now where did I put my badge? Hey, that duck's got it.  - WonketteInstead of protecting and serving, local cops have launched a jihad against the crippled and sickly.

Here we have a D.C. Metro Police cruiser parked in a handicapped space at the Harris Teeter in Pentagon Row. We know it is a crowded parking lot, but the handicapped spot? What kind of grocery emergency could warrant that, especially when the fire lane and loading zone were wide open?
Oh well. At least they're not shooting everybody, like the cops in Prince George's County. And at least Cynthia McKinney didn't hurt anybody.
Two Prince George's County police officers shot and killed a shoplifting suspect, another officer accidentally shot his own mother, and a third officer shot a man in a grocery store -- all within a few hours Sunday and Monday, police said.
Officials Officially Cross the Line [DCist]

Officers Removed from Duty After Police-Involved Shootings [WTOP]


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