DC Loses A Panda, But Gains A New Salad Spot


Wednesday, January 27: The State of Union is on tonight, hooray! What a great excuse to drink, drink, drink as Obama promises tax cuts for everyone and health care for no one! Ventnor Sports Cafe is hosting a drinking game watch party tonight. The bar opens at 5:30PM. [Ventnor Sports Cafe]

  • Saturday, January 30: January is National Soup Month and there's no better way to celebrate than with a soup tasting with the Soupergirl, a local DCer who makes soup and delivers it for moderately exorbitant amounts of money. The soup tasting is on Saturday at Greater Goods from 2PM-5PM. [Greater Goods]
  • Saturday, January 30: DC's beloved panda, Tai Shen, has been recalled and must go back to China. Say 'bye-bye' to him Saturday at his farewell celebration that includes a discussion with the reproductive scientists who helped bring him into the world. [National Zoo]
  • Saturday, January 30: The Super Bowl is but less than two weeks away. According to Rosa Mexicano, this is enough time to teach men how to tailgate gourmet style, an essential skill really. If you are of this breed, you can learn how to create such delicacies as fried cheese sticks, beef nachos, and spinach dip. [Rosa Mexicano]
  • New Food: Or rather, new food places that are just like old places but better, maybe!! There's the A.M. Wine Shoppe, the next, best wine shop/ gourmet eatery in DC, Rouge States, a new gourmet burger place, and Mixt Greens, a new, healthy, do-it-yourself salad place. [A.M. Wine Shoppe, Rouge States, Mixt Greens]

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