Murder tonight in the trailer park ...And a sad story becomes sadder still: Deborah Jeane Palfrey was found hanging dead in a storage shed behind her mother's Florida mobile home. Many pages of "handwritten suicide notes" were reportedly found in the shed by the Tarpon Springs police. Read the weird transcript, after the jump.

Here's the entire transcript released by police and posted by WTOP:

Operator: 911.

Blanche Palfrey: Help me! Help me! Please!

Operator: What's going on?

Blanche Palfrey: I think she hung herself.

Operator: We have help on the way. Is she still hanging?

Blanche Palfrey: Yeah. I can't get her. I'm 76-years-old.

And still no word on Dick Cheney's whereabouts.

911 tapes released in D.C. Madam's death [WTOP]


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