DC Madam's List Slightly Less Exciting Than a Capital File Party

I have here a list of 200 known sex-havers... - WonketteLet us examine the case of Deborah Jeane Palfrey. So far, the shock-and-awe guy and one predictably hypocritical State department functionary have been outed as whoremongers. Who's left? A "high-level CEO," the head of a damn think tank, lobbyists, "military officials," and a Bush administration economist. An economist? This is what passes for sexy intrigue now?

ABC News, much to the dismay of prop-phone enthusiast Brian Ross, seems to share our disappointment. Tomorrow's 20/20 segment will reveal two more names on Palfrey's list, but it'll only be seven minutes at the end of the hour.

"This isn't going to blow the lid off Washington," says one ABC employee who asked not to be named. "If they had any big fish, we'd know it by now. There's no way this lives up to the hype."

Yeah, yeah. Call us when Cate Edwards is caught in flagrante delicto with Jeff Gannon and Harold Ford.

Yeas and Nays [Examiner]


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