DC Media Types Hot for Embarrassing Self-Promotion

Vote or die - WonketteAs FishbowlDC continues its "Hottest Media People" contest, the campaigning and politicking grow more desperate. Yesterday we mocked their appearance, but today we'll mock them personally.

Rob Redding -- of Redding News Review -- sent out a tasteful, one-line "vote for me" email to contacts. And us, for some reason.

Rennick Alam Remley (made-upness of name still undetermined) and Jade Floyd emailed to alert us that they were running on a joint ticket -- with a MySpace page, just like sex offenders!

But the award for saddest campaign email -- perhaps, in the words of our tipster, saddest thing in the history of sad itself -- goes to Hillary Clinton flack Philippe Reines. By now countless hundreds of Washingtonians have had the following depressing missive fowarded to them -- it's only fair to share it with the rest of the nation:

From: Philippe Needs Your Vote

Date: Jul 25, 2007 4:29 PM

Subject: PIR is In, and In to Win

To: votepir@gmail.com

To: Supporters, Interested Parties

From: Chief Strategists BMF and JBB

Date: July 25, 2007

Re: YOUR Early Support for Philippe's Campaign for Hottest Male in PR


We here at Camp Reines could not be happier with the first phase of the campaign for hottest male in PR. Our internal polling only confirms the momentum that is, frankly, palpable on the campaign trail.

Real people from one end of this country to other - real people like YOU - are voting for change, and are literally casting ballots by the tens of tens.

You know how important that change is. You have seen the kind of guys out there in America being called "hot" today. Pre-stressed jeans. Gel. Black, shiny shirts. More freaking gel. Philippe is not just running against a group of candidates. He's running to change the system. He's running for every single one of us who has ever said, "Are you kidding? That guy?"

Philippe Reines never planned to run for anything in his life. He was satisfied being among the hottest males in PR without the headlines and the spotlight. That's how he's lived his life. He's a work horse, not a show horse - and the truth is, Philippe will be hot long after the balloons have dropped and the election is over.

But this election is not about Philippe Reines. This election is about YOU.

And YOU are not being heard. Though he currently trails the better-funded "insider" candidates, Philippe has won plaudits from likely voters in our recent overnight tracking polls. When asked which candidate was the most "experienced," likely voters mentioned Philippe's name twice as often as any of his opponents.

His hotness ratings climbed dramatically - among women, our key demographic - after he lost 36 pounds.

And has just returned from a very successful campaign swing through Las Vegas, an early primary state.

You know how critical change is. That's why your help is more important than ever. What you don't know: our candidate is insufferable when he loses anything. Please help us.

Bring in 10 friends, become a Philippe Flopper.

Bring in 50 friends, become a Philippe VIP.

Bring in 100 friends, spend a night in the ... never mind.

Send everyone you can to http://mediabistro.com/articles/poll/000403, and urge them to vote today.

Ye gods. It's like everything you hate about Hillary Clinton and everything you hate about PR got gay married and adopted a Vietnamese baby and then that baby sent you a press release from John Kerry.

2007 Hottest Media Types: Get Votting!!! [FishbowlDC]


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