DC Mourns Loss of Paultard Blimp Flyover

* "Apparently the argument that 'the First Amendment applies to airships' lost out to the prospect of being shot down or fined for violating the Flight Restriction Zone around the DC area without prior authorization." [Metroblogging DC]

* "The Post is reporting that in an 8-2 vote, Metro's finance committee has approved a series of fare hikes at their full meeting today. The plan they approved was the one recently offered by Maryland members of the board, which is less expensive for suburban customers who park and ride." [DCist]

* "Lawmakers and Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D), who helped push through the legislation, have agreed to at least adjust and possibly repeal the abusive-driving fees, which apply across Virginia and were intended to raise more than $60 million annually for statewide road work." [WP]

* "New Years Eve...also known as 'amateur night' and '$150 for long lines, annoying crowds, a plastic cup of champagne at midnight, and crappy buffets.' Wow, am I bitter? No, just a big believer in the nightlife (and especially NYE) mantra "the more you plan, the more you'll be disappointed." [DC Concierge]


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