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The Great Big We're Not Nazis We're Just Nazi Adjacent Rally in Washington DC yesterday was something less than a huge success, drawing fewer than 40 participants to save the White Race, according to the Washington Post, although other sources put the number at more like "20 to 25" or "two dozen." At least everyone could agree the turnout by counter-protesters was in the thousands, and that there were no tiki torches either. Oh, and there were some Antifa Super Soldiers yelling anti-police chants, so at least Breitbart's home for perpetual subject-changing could bitch about the media missing the real story.

The rally's organizer, Jason Kessler, had hoped for a rerun of the "Unite the Right" rally he'd helped put together in Charlottesville, Virginia last year, since that worked out so well, but the town wouldn't give him a permit this year, so he went to DC. He'd optimistically predicted 400 or so fellow advocates for "Caucasian civil rights" would show up, but that old White Genocide must be farther along than anyone knew. Still, they had a lot of police protection to keep the Violent Left from murdering them (hooray for no murder). It wasn't exactly Charlottesville 2.0 -- one counterprotester had a far better name for it: "Ctrl Alt-Right Delete."

Once they got to Lafayette Park, Kessler gave a 15-minute speech, far shorter than the two hours the rally had been planned for. His rally wasn't only outnumbered by the counterprotesters, his followers appear to have been outnumbered by journamalists, like Caleb Ecarma of Mediaite:

Kessler had surprisingly little to say about the one-year anniversary of the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. Last year, when he was still very sure he was on his way to a White House appointment, he tweeted, "Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist. Looks like it was payback time." But at a press gaggle before Sunday's rally, Kessler, when asked if he had anything to say to Heyer's mother, said he'd give her his "condolences," but then blamed police for not blocking off all the streets in Charlottesville last year.

Kessler also "spent much of his 15-minute speech defending last year's Unite the Right rally and insisting, despite evidence to the contrary, that most of those who attended had been nonviolent," and calling himself a brave free speech warrior, not a white nationalist. He also blamed the crappy turnout on infighting among the disunited right, and isn't that all a terrible shame.

Oh, yes, and one of his dipwad squadron, ready for whatever fight ensues when you wear a helmet, Ray-Bans, and a flag over your face, held up a very fierce newspaper thing reading "Protect the Endangered Species: Stop White Genocide," which is code for "I got lousy numbers in the genetic lottery."

The Two Dozen Caucasian March particpants were eventually bundled into police vans -- for their protection -- and quietly taken away before they embarrassed themselves further. Some folks on Twitter argued the presence of Antifa people ready for a fight was what kept the Nazis away, because only the fear of being beaten works against Nazis, but we're inclined to say nah, probably not -- the chance for a street fight is entirely too attractive to Nazi schmucks. On the other hand, being massively outnumbered probably didn't make them feel too confident -- and the majority of counterprotesters appear not to have been Antifa, except, of course, on Breitbart. Also, the fear of being recognized and fired after showing up at a white power rally is one of those long-term consequences that really seemed to sink in after Charlottesville.

Or maybe they all just gave up after finding out nobody would feed them.

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