DC To Miss Wonkette On Its Day Off Tomorrow

* Gilbert Arenas usurps power, loses mind, paints White House black. [DCist]

* "Lonely this holiday? Dejected without a place or family with whom to have Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow? Mr. Smith's of Georgetown, notable for its Tuesday half-price burgers, is offering $14.95 home-style roast turkey meals on Thanksgiving Day. Doesn't that clipart look scrumptious?" [Metroblogging DC]

* The turkeys are winning. [NBC4]

* "Truth be told, Thanksgiving is a huge going out weekend in DC. Sure, a lot of people leave, but also, a lot of people arrive back so it is time for reunions, running away from the family and dancing those stuffing calories off. So, here is a schedule to be thankful for the next few days..." [Brightest Young Things]


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