DC's Famous Arm Barber Will Trim The Goose Hairs On Your Pointer Finger, For A Modest Fee

  • Never steal a samurai's Xbox. Because he will Seppuku you, with his samurai sword... that he ordered from SkyMall... while studying electrical engineering at Johns Hopkins. [Washington Times]

  • A free performance of Rossini's operatic masterpiece, The Barber Of The Orange Line. [Unsuck DC Metro]

  • DC was terrorized by massive traffic jams during Michelle Obama's terrible "Farmer Pride" parade. [Washington Examiner]

  • This would explain why DC has the highest kilos-of-cocaine per capita ratio in the Western Hemisphere. [DCist]

  • Rejoice! It's your neighborhood sketchball, just cruisin' around in his sketchball van. (Don't worry though it has windows!) [Holla Back DC]


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