DC's Next Gay Liason Could Be Best City Appointment Ever

Fenty and Cookie - WonketteWe hear (but can't confirm) that DC Mayor Adrian Fenty has finally settled on an appointment to head the Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Affairs (the District's "gay liaison"). There was some controversy (old black lesbian vs. white careerist city employee), but if this checks out, we think Fenty made the right choice: Beloved trailer drag queen Cookie Buffet, pictured at right with the Mayor.

No announcement yet, but Cookie's website has this message to her fans:

Due to an increase of responsibilities in my new job and after much soul searching, It is time to announce that Cookie Buffet will be going on an extended vacation.

With this appointment, Fenty has solidified his position as America's Next Rudy Giuliani, except not a fascist...




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