Dead Air: Should Executions Be Televised? Duh.

wanna buy a commerative nail?A Harris poll has found that two thirds of Americans believe executions should be televised. Three in 10 said that Osama bin Laden should be the first victim and 21 percent said they'd pay to watch. Eighteen percent said Saddam Hussein should be executed on TV, and 11 percent said they'd spring for pay-per-view.

Clearly, no one explained to these folks what type of execution Saddam and/or bin Laden might receive. Seriously, have you ever seen a lethal injection? Snoozeville. Literally. Even electrocutions aren't as much fun as they used to be. They're "humane." Whatevs. If you want to compete with "Fear Factor," you'll need an execution that's, like, extreme. Even the guillotine would be too clean. Hanging, perhaps. Better: Stoning. Wait, you know what's really hot right now? Nailing a guy to a cross. There you go. People are already paying to see that.

Americans Polled on TV Executions Idea [AP/Yahoo]

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