Dead Breitbart Knows One Weird Trick To Make Ad Revenue Disappear FOR GOOD


These days, Dead Breitbart's Home for Washed-Up Wingnuts ought to be savoring the taste of sweet, sweet victory. With the Shitgibbon mainlining Fox in the Oval Office, Breitbart apparatchiks get to dress up and play Grown Up Reporter every day at the White House. Breitbart OG Steve Bannon even finalized his divorce from ethics so he and his old pals won't have to sneak around any more! But traffic is down at the website. Way down. And 90% of Breitbart's advertisers have noped out after a campaign by liberal fascists.

What's a poor racist to do? Protesting sharia law is fun, but even an alt-right ubermensch can't live on bigotry alone.

Liberal Bullies Censor Patriots

According to Amazon's web analytics tool, Breitbart dropped from 29th most trafficked US website all the way to 281st in the four months after the inauguration. Sad! Having shoehorned their loon into the White House, Breitbart could have made a play for legitimacy like Daily Caller, or gone full Pizzagate like Infowars. Instead, it stuck with We Are the Real Victims Here! and watched its marketshare tank.

Worse still, liberal haters are trying to stifle Breitbart's First Amendment rights by pointing out that companies might not want to run their products next to headlines like "Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy" or "Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew."

In November, a group of activists formed Sleeping Giants to bridge the gap between consumers and companies running web ads on Breitbart.

Kelloggs got the ball rolling in December, prompting Breitbart to demand a boycott of Big Cereal and its liberal fascist hate speech.

Math Has a Well-Known Liberal Bias

Following the Kellogg's kerfuffle, advertising analytics firm Wordstream pointed out that ads on Breitbart are actually a huge rip-off with a very bad return on investment. They also included helpful instructions on how companies can de-select sites to host their ads.

Your Wonkette uses a pop-up blocker like a common freeloader. But we take the Washington Post's word for it that...

The number of advertisers on the alt-right site has dropped 90 percent in recent months, from 242 in March to 26 in May, according to data from MediaRadar, a New York firm that tracks online advertising. Among those that continue to advertise on the site include a gentleman’s club in Northern Virginia, a golf resort near the coast of Spain and the conservative foundation Judicial Watch.

And Digiday has a helpful Nerdsplainer.

From January to March, there were 20 categories of advertisers on Breitbart, many of them coming from media/entertainment and retail, according to MediaRadar. But by April, the advertisers had dwindled to mostly targeted, conservative brands that were buying programmatically, including American Patriot Daily and

“What this means is that it’s now only able to get demand via Google Ad Exchange and Taboola, and it’s filled with classic direct-response advertising bought on a performance basis whose buyers don’t care about the same things brands do,” said Jonathan Mendez, CEO of Yieldbot, an ad-tech company that competes with Google by letting advertisers buy display ads by keywords.

If you are A OLD like your $5F, this means that you don't get Zappos following you around showing you the same pair of sandals all day. You get this shit instead.

(Stuff that you never see on your Wonkette! THANKS TO READERS LIKE YOU. Ahem.)

Wingnut Welfare

Oddly enough, the fifty stories in the past week about Breitbart's tanking ad revenue have actually boosted the site's clicks. But relying on Google searches for "craziest shit Breitbart" is probably a poor long-term marketing strategy.


Maybe Dead Breitbart doesn't care about ad revenue anyway! Maybe they got themselves a billionaire Sugar Mommy and they don't need no stinking click money. Per WaPo,

“If Breitbart lost every single penny of advertising tomorrow, it probably wouldn’t matter,” [CUNY Media Professor Jeff] Jarvis said, adding that the site is backed by billionaire Robert Mercer. “Quite the contrary: It would probably be a badge of honor.”

Journalists write the facts, and bloggers write their opinions. But whores will write whatever Rebekah Mercer tells them to and say thank you ma'am!

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