Dead Candidates Keep Their Mouths Shut

The only secret the Glenda Dawson campaign is keeping is that she's dead.

Dawson, a Republican state representative in Texas, died in September. Aware of how little a state legislator actually does, the campaign has continued as planned. New mailers went out this week showing a living Dawson with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. And if we're understanding this article, Dawson is making campaign phone calls from beyond the grave. Which is awesome.

The guy behind Dawson's ghostly run is State Rep. Dennis Bonnen: "We don't suggest that there's a great thing she's going to accomplish for the voters in the future." Polls show Dawson in the lead.

Mailer neglects to point out candidate's death [Statesman]

District 29's ballot will list a dead candidate [KHOU TV]


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