Deadbeat Pro-Lifey Loser Ex-Congressjerk Joe Walsh Can't Wait For Terrorists To Kill Everyone On TV

For a guy who loves Life and Freedom as much as he supposedly does, the former congressman and forever-scumbag Joe Walsh has a real neat Life-y and Freedom-y suggestion for the terrorists:

Awww, that's nice. And free-speechy too! And we all know how much Joe Walsh cares about free speech, don't we?

Like, for example, he thinks it is Unfair! that he can't even say racial slurs on the radio. Also, he really enjoys his freedom to tell actual war hero Tammy Duckworth, who stole his job from him after only one term in the House because it sure didn't take the people of Illinois long to be disgusted by him, to shut up already about that time she fought in Iraq and lost some limbs, for America, because that was ages ago. Besides, she stopped giving all her limbs and went to be an evil bureaucrat in evil Washington DC, so how much could she even really love America anyway? Answer: Not as much as Joe Walsh, obviously! He slept on his couch in his office, like a Real American Hero. No, really, he said that:

“I’m the guy who sleeps in my office, I’m the guy who goes at the establishment on both sides. Turned down my benefits. She’s been the one working in Washington. She’s a bureaucrat. I’m a fighter.” [...]

“I have so much respect for what she did in the fact that she sacrificed her body for this country,” said Walsh, simultaneously lowering his voice as he leaned forward before pausing for dramatic effect. “Ehhh. Now let’s move on.”

“What else has she done? Female, wounded veteran … ehhh,” he continued. “She is nothing more than a handpicked Washington bureaucrat.”

He also loves the freedom to tell Americans how stupid they are, but then, who doesn't enjoy that?

The American people have grown stupid, we’ve grown uninterested, we’ve gotten busy, we’re distracted, we’re lazy, and we’re easily manipulated. Again, I can sit with you and have a beer and I can tell you about how idiotic most of our politicians are. That’s boring to me. It’s on us. Jefferson said something to the effect of, when a people becomes uninformed or uneducated — stupid — they’re going to lose their republic, they’re going to lose this democracy. And folks, I’m here to tell ya with a big old smile, we’re there. We’re losing.

[contextly_sidebar id="ElU8Jo8PLMuRuc0nJmzIZmjSK9xYCIEj"]However -- because of course there is a however -- there is a little-known codicil in Walsh's copy of the First Amendment, and guess how it works? If you guessed "Um, when people are talking about Joe Walsh," good for you! You get a trophy! Because remember way back when he was a certified Deadbeat Dad and didn't want any of the appeasing cowards in the media to talk about that at all?

Former congressman Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) says he will sue the Chicago Sun-Times for publishing a story about his effort to reduce his child support payments. [...]

"Two weeks ago, I did what every other father who is paying child support is supposed to do — by law — when their employment situation changes: I modified my support agreement," Walsh said in a statement. "With my congressional term ending on Jan. 3, and with my ex-wife having been paid in full through my term in Congress, by law, I filed a modification of my support payments for my remaining un-emancipated child for these next four months. This modification called for me to pay my ex-wife 20 percent of my net income during these four months, which is my responsibility by law. [...]

This article by the Sun-Times is a deliberate attempt to defame me, and I will sue them immediately. My adult children have been my life. I pledged to them two years ago that I would fight these charges privately to keep them out of the news, but with the Chicago Sun-Times fabricating a story, I am, at long last, going to fight back."

Oh right. That. Guess the terrorists should probably put the cowardly Chicago Sun-Times on the hit list too, huh? Because free speech is really important, unless someone's doing it wrong -- by publishing unflattering things about Joe Walsh. Otherwise, you should say whatever you want and publish whatever you want, especially if it makes fun of Muslims hahaha lolz, because they are "the Islamic enemy" and should be raped with food by Real American Heroes.

Joe Walsh, funny guy! So funny, it turns out that tweet about beheading was "satire":

On his radio show, which is broadcast on radio stations WNYM in New York City and WIND in Chicago, the one-term congressman said he had been "exaggerating" and "using satire to make a point."

He then immediately proceeded to prove he wasn't really kidding or satire-ing by saying the exact same thing again, which doesn't make the original point "satire," it just makes him redundant and also A Asshole. Right up there with has-been vomiter of words Ann Coulter, who first copyrighted the HI-larious idea of doing terrorism to the liberal media waaaaaay back in the old-timey days of 2002:

“My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.”

Eh, maybe she was just doing satire too.



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