Dean Outs Republicans

Truly shocking news out of California, courtesy of Drudge:

In S.F., Dean calls GOP 'a white Christian party'
In other news, NOW members described as 'liberal feminists'! College professors called 'intellectuals'! NASCAR fans turn out to be 'middle class Americans'! SKY TOTALLY BLUE!!!!!


We kid. Dean's brazen characterization of Republicans as white and Christian is, obviously a grievous insult to the seven percent of blacks and 22 percent of Hispanics who consider themselves Republicans, as well as to the 16 percent of those "with no religion" who cast their lot with the GOP. And, as we all know, no Republican has ever made a sweeping generalization about the core constituency of the Democratic party. We're all baby-killers now.

And speaking of party unity, thank goodness Dean is on such firm footing with the leadership of the party that he can make these kinds of bold gestures. As Alicia Wang, a DNC member and vice-chair of the California Democratic Party, told the SF Chronicle, "if there are any criticisms, it comes out of love. It's like family."

Yeah. Careful if anyone asks you to go on a fishing trip, Howard.

In S.F., Dean calls GOP 'a white Christian party' [SF Chron]


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