DeAnna Lorraine Knows 'The Masked Singer' Was Part Of This Whole Coronaplot ... Thing


DeAnna Lorraine, Newsmax political correspondent, QAnon adherent and former Nancy Pelosi challenger, landed on a new theory yesterday. And boy, is it ever something.

As you probably know by now, there are a lot of people out there who think "wearing masks during a pandemic" is an evil plot to control them. Why on earth Republicans think that our big go-to in trying to control them would be something that would require caring whether other people live or die when they have absolutely no history of doing that, I could not begin to tell you. But they think that. Also some of them think it's the mark of the beast or that it is preparing them for the mark of the beast.

Remember when they thought barcodes were the mark of the beast? Those were good times.

Anyway! DeAnna Lorraine's big shower thought yesterday was that the show "Masked Singer" — which premiered in January of 2019 — was meant to condition people into wearing masks and that this is demonic. The fun thing about calling things demonic is that, because demons are not real, it can mean practically anything someone wants it to mean.

So here's how this apparently went, as per DeAnna Lorraine. The Illuminati, or whomever, came up with a plan to create COVID-19 and distribute it — in China first — as part of a plan to get people in the United States to wear masks when they went grocery shopping. For reasons. Satan-related reasons.

"But what if people won't wear masks?" they thought to themselves. So they decided to run a TV show in which people wore mascot costumes with masks and sang and people had to guess who they really were, in order to get people used to seeing other people wearing masks.

But! "The Masked Singer" was based on a South Korean television show called "The King of Mask Singer," which debuted in 2015. So actually, probably this plan goes all the way back to 2015, which would mean that the Illuminati are all based in South Korea, so maybe that, not the fact that they just fucking wore masks and stayed home, is why they've done better than everyone else, re: COVID-19. I guess? I don't know, I'm just spitballing here.

I do like the idea that "Sarah Palin in a pink bear costume" was part of the evil master plan to get people to wear masks during a pandemic, though.

Naturally, this very good and sound theory led to Lorraine getting laughed at on social media by "the whole Soros-paid-blue-check-brigade," and calling anyone who would mock her a SHEEP. She then suggested that people learn to think critically, like she does.

I gotta tell you. I'm probably more curious about what George Soros is paying me than Deanna Lorraine is. I'm the one who hasn't seen a single red cent from the main, which means he must really owe me some serious back pay.

[New York Daily News]

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