Dear Al Qaeda...

zawa.jpgFox News is reporting on the teevee that Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's, um, second in command, is taking questions from readers of a jihadist website somewhere out there on the internets. We're on the mailing list, obviously, so we sent a few in. You can see them after the jump, and if you think of anything we should have asked, leave them in the comments.


* When you shout "Death to America," what is it that you're really trying to say?

* What did the female boss tell her employee? Give up? Nothing! I stoned her to death for having a job!

* What's your take on these latest polls that have McCain surging in New Hampshire?

* Who's more fun to behead, Americans or Jews?

* Do you get bonus points for American Jews?

* Did you coordinate the AK with your outfit or did it just happen like that?

* Do Islamofacists fuck pigs or is that just a neo-Nazi thing?

* True or false: It's not gay if you don't like it.

* Hey, do have Tucker Carlson's phone number? I seem to have misplaced it.

* There's something in your beard. No, a little lower. Right there. Got it.


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