It's thattime of year again, with the clicking, and then more of the clicking! The nomination period for this year's Weblog Awards ends this Friday, and maybe if... you know... [looks down, kicks dirt]... you want to nominate us for something? You could do that? KISSES.

Our preference would be to battle the PUMAs again in the Best Liberal Blog category. But other categories would be fun, too!

And please support (click the green "+" sign) our warrior colleagues at Rumproast in Best Very Large Blog (or whatever else they want).

Another "good blawg" would be psychotic Wonkette commenter Shortsshortsshorts' ShortsandPants blog in the Best New Political Blog category. It's WACKY.

And then there are other categories where you can do whatever. Nominate BlueGal for something; she's a peach.

[2009 Weblog Awards]


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