Death To Democrats! Hail To the Whigs!

Death To Democrats! Hail To the Whigs!

An Illumination! Friday Next! - WonketteThe latest Conventional Wisdom says if the Democrats can't take back the House and Senate and then hold a show trial resulting in the conviction and execution of everyone in the Bush Administration, then the Democrats are finished as a political party.

Both of those scenarios are so beautiful that it's almost impossible to choose just one. Can't we have both?

Anyway, your word of the day is Whigs. Between now and Election Day, you're going to hear about the Whigs approximately 13,000 times. Mostly from Chris Matthews, although we expect Tim Russert to make a heroic run on Election Night.

If Democrats can't win now, they're doomed to become modern-day Whigs [Newsweek]

Way of the Whigs [Whiskey Bar]


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