Debate Notes: Last Minute Additions

Debate bingo. [Planet Socks and]

Citzen's debate scorecard [MediaChannel]

"Host: Christopher Walken. The world is a weird, weird place -- full of psychotics who may or may not mean us harm. We need a President who can help us make our way through this maze of insanity. But, how do we pick such a person? That is the purpose of the Walken debate." Mr. Sun improves the debates. [Mr. Sun -- he'll be liveblogging, btw]

Bush's debate performance, then and now: Presenile dementia? [Blogitics]

"You'll have drinking parties where every time Edwards says he is the son of a millworker, everyone takes a shot,'' Mr. Schroeder said. "So you're paying attention, but just to play the game.'' Yeah, real counter-productive. [NYT]

Speaking of which: Drinking game. [The Irish Trojan's Blog]


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