Debate Prep Not Going So Smoothly for the Press

Wonkette media operatives in Miami are restless and our special Gang of Four correspondent finds himself frustrated by the bureaucracy of the Commission on Presidential Debates:

The three-celled organisms running the debate show down here have designed a new level of organizational entropy. They are asking the media to show up at noon to get their credentials and get into the hall for a 9 o'clock debate. In part that's because they set up a sign-up system that would make the Taliban snicker. They have 10,000 credentials for Elvis and Edward R. Murrow but none for anyone else.

Any other information that might help a gentle and pleading caller they won't give over the phone. Oh and their tinfoil hats keep interrupting the phone connection, but I was able to make out that they insist that you bring two hand puppets, a rosary and the Big Ben bedside clock from the Mandarin Oriental as proof of  identity when you arrive.  

No wonder the campaigns had to come up with a 32-page agreement to keep these wild droolers from pointing the cameras at their feet and screaming, "Run for your lives!"


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