Debating The Debate

  • At the Democratic presidential debate last night in lovely Austin, Texas, a freewheeling conversation between Hillary Clinton veered from the collegial to the viciously dumb. [New York Times]
  • Who won? Was it the one person or the other person? A pundit roundup provides no conclusive answers, of course. [Wall Street Journal]
  • The "if she runs the country as poorly as she ran her campaign, then no thank you" meme is bolstered by Clinton's latest spending report. [New York Times]
  • Months ago, John McCain applied for federal funds for his primary campaign when nobody except the government would give him money. Now he can raise more money on his own, but he might be legally bound to run his campaign on his meager federal funds until the convention in September, so take that Mr. Campaign Finance Reform. [Washington Post]
  • Muqtada Sadr extends a unilateral truce for six months, which should help to extend the recent drop in violence in Baghdad. [LA Times]
  • Meanwhile, Turkish ground forces are going into Northern Iraq to pursue Kurdish rebels. [AP]

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