Decisions That Scream 'I'm Bad With Money'! Tabs, Thurs., July 2, 2020


I guess it happened while I was off work this weekend, so maybe "white dude shoots up Breonna Taylor protest and kills somebody" was big news I just didn't see. Somehow though I don't think so. (Buzzfeed News)

I have an idea, let's start impeaching some judges! Special Report: Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws, oaths remained on the bench. (AOL)

A Dallas megachurch had a coronavirus outbreak before it hosted Mike Pence this Sunday. I have unpublishable thoughts. (BuzzfeedNews)


Yes yes, Trump aides, "debate a new virus approach"! (CNN)

Karen Hughes, yes that Karen Hughes, can't understand why so many Republican governors and presidents would discount the moral thing to do: Wear your fucking mask. (She did not say "fucking.") — Washington Post

Vegas unions suing the casinos over not adequately protecting employees on the job. (Las Vegas Sun) REMINDER: Mitch McConnell's holding up legislation giving Americans the resources to live at all unless Democrats agree to give all business owners immunity for any coronavirus infections that happen on their premises. It's almost as if he is an evil piece of shit.

University of Montana won't allow professors to mandate mask-wearing in their own classrooms. Students are *encouraged* to wear them but won't be *forced* to. The board of regents hopes that the culture will ensure people do. Considering I just saw a goddamn nurse IN HER SCRUBS walking around Walgreens without a mask along with the bright shining visible faces of every other person in there except me, all I can say is Montana board of regents, THIS SEEMS UNWISE. (Missoulian)

The Atlantic ponders: What if the NTSB investigated our coronavirus response? "The 3 Weeks That Changed Everything." (Atlantic)

Believe women of color, ALAMEDA HOSPITAL. (KQED)

The 1000 decisions you must make when reopening your restaurant. Great look by New York mag's Grubstreet

Yes, it's real, and it's not spectacular:

Trump rallygoers a bunch of lunatics? That can't be right. I couldn't even skim this apparently excellent mid-June Vanity Fair, too depressing. "He's the Chosen One to Run America": Inside the Cult of Trump, His Rallies Are Church and He Is the Gospel. (Vanity Fair)

"An unidentified witness described seeing Donald Trump Jr. snapping his fingers at someone he thought was a Secret Service agent." Of course he fucking did. — Mueller docs FOIAed by Buzzfeed, tranche 8

Need to stare down some propaganda? Let the ancient Greeks help you out. — Asha Rappanga and Jennifer Mercieca at Zocalo Public Square

I have been online shopping like a crazy person, but is it just me or is the USPS gift store fuckin' BANGING?

How bad do you want a USPS messenger bag, ME TOO!

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