Declutter Your Home! 55 Things You Can Toss Without Missing! Tabs, Thurs., July 15, 2021

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Nice! Warnock, Ossoff, and Baldwin introduce "Medicaid Saves Lives" bill to allow people in red states that refused the expanded Medicaid in Obamacare to get in on it. (All on Georgia)

Elie Mystal's Black generation is fighting like hell to stop the whitelash to civil rights. He says they're losing. (The Nation)

What did Fox News cover instead of Joe Biden's voting rights speech? How about "a discussion on Bill and Melinda Gates's divorce, previewing a "Fox Nation" show, and the "woke military." Good good. — Brian Stelter at CNN

"The president is totally trying to incite a coup on 1/6." "What should we do about it?" "Judging by our actions and preparations, nothing I guess." (CNN)

Florida Man who put out a hit on his 30-years-younger ex-girlfriend and her family was going to blame Black Lives Matter. Don't we have fun. — The Grio

Does the moon have Hillary Clinton Parkinson's And Also Pneumonia And Also Died Disease?

This is a shame, I've always wanted those Tesla solar roof tiles. I guess now I don't! (Business Insider)

Jesus Christ, crypto is so aggravating. Buying up old mills and factories to "mine" crypto and fuck the earth. — New York mag

Rightwing translation by idiots. Old happy post by The Geeky Gaeilgeior.

Stupid plating tricks. (Health and Wellnes News, yes spelled like that)

"'Why Am I Not Getting These Jobs?' Asks Woman Who Regularly Posts About Cum On Social Media." STOP ATTACKING ME, THE REDUCTRESS.

Are you, like me, going to the PORTLAND OREGON WONKMEET Sat., July 24, but you don't live in Portland, Oregon? Here are the top 20 Portland boutique hotels as picked by this guy. (So many ads, isn't that weird?) (Global Grasshopper) Where does Conde Nast Traveler think we should stay? Some of the same places, with fewer obnoxious popups! (Conde Nast Traveler)

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