Decoding the Note: And May Dan Bless Us, Every One

Today, the plucky Halperinites seek to ventriloquize their own Xmas wish list through the harried minds of Congressional leaders Frist and Hastert. See, it's just like visiting Santa, only you have little wooden scale models of wish-granters sitting on your knee. The only thing is, they still have some quaint desire to dress up these thought experiments as something resembling journalism--so cute!--so the whole thing is packaged as a sober laundry list of self-contradictory advice from the Hill's major domos to our dead sexy president. But not long into the exercise, you get a strong whiff indeed of the musky longings of senior Notesters.

Awkward examples and explications after the jump.

Some excerpts:

Please talk up the economy more, making that the dominant message, so the Party gets credit for the things that are going well


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