Decoding the Note: The Internet Industry is Not a Truck

From yesterday's Note:

"Thus: We finally figured out why superscribe Ron Fournier left the Associated Press. We can't say as much as we know, but we can say this: Fournier... has teamed up with political strategists from both sides of the fence and leaders from the Internet industry to create the next big thing in communications and community.

Leaders from "the Internet industry": Joe Lockhart, Mark McKinnon.

The Next Big Thing in Communications and Community: a bipartisan blog. About "soup kitchen volunteers and little league coaches. With "interactive message boards." And "discussions of books and perhaps movies." And unpaid contributors.

Should be as Earth-shattering as Swords Crossed (NOTE: LINK DOES NOT GO TO GAY PORN).

What's Fournier's Next Move? [FishbowlDC]

Online Venture Seeks to Elevate the Debate [WP]


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