Deep, Dark, Murky Waters Trigger Thalassophobia, And Here Are Some Reasons Why! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 15, 2021

Deep, Dark, Murky Waters Trigger Thalassophobia, And Here Are Some Reasons Why! Tabs, Wed., Dec. 15, 2021

Look who's back from vacation, it is your friend Martini Ambassador!!!!

Georgia QAnon Capitol Riot man going to staying in prison a while, yowch.

[Judge Amy] Jackson said there was “no doubt” the Meredith his family described was there, but also pointed out that, per his own family’s statements, he had repeatedly refused over the past 30 years to grapple with the trauma of his sister’s early death, to accept mental health treatment or to deal with the issues that had led to the loss of his businesses and marriage.

“I do not doubt there was a time when Mr. Meredith was every bit the young man with the bright future that [his parents] describe,” Jackson said. “It was told today that he is a good boy and an incredible young man. But I am presented today with a man in his 50s.”

Also, "that's not who I am," said man who did that. (WUSA-9)

Let's all read 51 pages of House Resolution Mark Meadows Go to Jail Act of 2021! — House dot gov

Ian Millhiser thinks the Court should be hypocrites and strike down Gavin Newsom's S Gun 8, because a country without a Constitution is worse than a Court that says one things on guns and another on abortions. Interesting and deep, but have to say I disagree with his logic and conclusion. (Vox)

"You and what army" — Orange County supervisor to Gavin Newsom's mask mandate, essentially. (Orange County Register)

Democrats, please don't be stupids on the debt ceiling. (The American Prospect)

EJ Montini would like to know how much more proof Kyrsten Sinema needs. — AZ Republic

This is a very good profile of Crystal Mason, the woman sentenced to five years in prison for provisional-voting-while-on-supervised-release. It's mostly not about Mason, of course (who is a nice-looking and -seeming lady); it's about the need to wave around the bloody shirt of vote frauders who somehow aren't Trumpists. (All vote frauders are Trumpists.) (The Atlantic)

This American Conservative lady had American Conservative thoughts on Reconstruction. She just got her bell rung. — Eric Levitz at New York mag

Were you also wondering why the POS head of the NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association police union got raided a few weeks back? Here is Pro Publica to scratch that itch.

A bunch of states passed laws this year making doula care eligible for Medicaid payment, here's who, what, and why that's super cool. — Healthlaw

Are December tornadoes weird? Yes, we already told you that. (National Geographic)

Hed tab, mostly photoshops! Rockets Science, I am used to you having higher standards in your clickbait tabs :(

I forget what Her name is among you plebes, it's entirely possible I am thinking it might be Anne Boleyn's Head? but She informs me we must ALL read this, the Book of the Century, for book clubs, blogs, the future of the planet, etc, so we have been instructed, so we shall do! Kim Stanley Robinson's The Ministry for the Future, wonkette cut link.

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