Judge Says Immigrant Kids Must Be Reunited ASAP. Whose Scared Lonely Tears Will Trump Drink Now?

Do you think being "civil" to jackbooted fascist thugs, who are actually just like child burglars from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, sounds like a plan that only a demented soul eater would dream up? We agree! Being civil to child thieves is such a cray idea. Especially when those child thieves still have over 2,000 actual children in their custody, and have no real plan to reconnect those children with the parents they were so harshly snatched from. We have heard from the Trump administration, we have heard from lawyers, but what about the people who care for the children in the facilities where they are taken after border separations? Thanks to Michael Avenatti, our favorite lawyer, we now have a firsthand account from a former employee who cared for some of the children that were taken to New York.

Here is what she described:

"We are not allowed to hug the kids. We are not allowed to touch them at all. I decided not to follow the rules this week. This week I hugged them. I don't care anymore."

The woman, who quit her job at the Cayuga Centers in Manhattan this week, observed children coming into the center who were much younger than the usual migrant children; they were children who had been placed into foster care by the Trump administration, and they were crying out for the families they were ripped away from.

Rachel Maddow posted video of a young girl named Jessica, who wanted nothing more than to speak with her mother. She also describes the conditions at the center; there is a lack of sufficient staffing, children are coming in at younger and younger ages, and those children most desperate for affection are denied even a hug from staff members.

Michael Avenatti, who also represents Stormy Daniels in her litigation against Trump, obtained the video from the unidentified worker and posted some images of the young girl, named Jessica, who we saw in the video asking to speak to her mother.

The worker reports that adults who work at the facility are not allowed to touch the children, not allowed to know what is going on with the child (WHAT?!!), are not allowed to ask them questions about themselves (um...?), but can ask if they want to speak to their worker or their clinician if they are in distress. It's almost like they don't wan't the workers to know that these are the children that the Trump admin baby-snatchers club stole.

The Trump immigration policy is punitive; it seeks to punish undocumented people who enter illegally, while also punishing asylum seekers for attempting to come to the US to escape violence in their home nations. Often these refugees come from Central America, where we have deported violent criminals, who then utilize the criminal practices they learned in the US to oppress and kill citizens in their home nations.

Slave masters had a habit of selling black babies away from their mothers, often mothers who resisted their conditions or tried to flee to seek a better life (LIKE NOT BEING A SLAVE TYPE OF BETTER LIFE), to punish and subjugate. It is a time tested tactic of white supremacists to create chaos and disrupt family life. Just like the aggrieved women on plantations, or Native American mothers whose children were sent away to "Indian schools," these mothers are facing a long road ahead if they ever want to see their children again.

A judge in San Diego has ordered the practice of separating families be stopped, and that children who've already been taken be reunited with their parents within 30 days (14 days for children under five). We just hope the Supreme Court doesn't shit on this one too.

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