Defend Yourself Against Donald Trump Handshakes With This One Weird Jiu-Jitsu Trick! Your Open Thread!

Defend Yourself Against Donald Trump Handshakes With This One Weird Jiu-Jitsu Trick! Your Open Thread!

The hot viral video byAnders Ryttar

Donald Trump's handshakes are already worrying people. Justin Trudeau managed to block the move, but we can't all be sexy prime ministers. So what can you do if you find yourself facing Donald Trump? Probably stand still and hope his vision is a bit like a T-Rex's. Barring that, there's this advice from an instructor at the Relson Gracie Academia de Jiu-Jitsu:

Why does this exist? The instructor explains:

I wanted to share a technique today ... as I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed, I see this video and it hits me. I’ve got to teach the defense against the Donald Trump handshake [...]

Somebody grabs your hand and they pull you in — you’ve seen the awkwardness.

The instructor is very careful to emphasize that you should probably not actually do this to the president of the United States, so keep in mind this video is for amusement purposes only. Or for defense against people who take to imitating the Trump handshake, which for all we know may actually become a thing, so these guys really could be on to something.

Also, compliments to the instructor for helpfully promising to the Secret Service, "if I meet the president, I probably won't wristlock him." Smart of him to leave that wiggle room, just in case. We doubt the gentleman will be garnering an invite to the White House, but we won't be at all surprised if he's now forced to demonstrate his technique on some late-night talk show host.

It's your open thread! Be ready for anything, including hyper-aggressive pretend alpha-male handshakes.

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