Defense Contractors Sad Lieberman Won't Be Giving Them Money Anymore


So lovable.Tragedy last week: Death-machine makers are losing one of their "friends with benefits," insufferable phlegmy Senate goblin Joe Lieberman. Making matters worse, the voters of Connecticut have also gotten rid of Chris Dodd, for being terrible. "With both of the state’s senators departing Congress, companies like United Technologies will have to scramble to shore up their support on Capitol Hill," said some lady from something called the "Lexington Institute," which must be the part of the war machine that provides Lieberman with a steady supply of rice cakes to keep him happy -- rice cakes wrapped inside memos telling him how to give the war people money to provide the world with murder. No! Not companies like United Technologies! Murder corporations are the most important citizens of all!

Lieberman cemented his favorable reputation with defense firms when he advocated for more models of combat systems like the Lockheed Martin-made F-22 fighter and the Boeing-built C-17 air lifter even when Air Force and Pentagon officials argued against them.

This, kids, is what patriotism looks like: putting the needs of a corporation you like and your own paraphilia for spite above the interests of your country.

Standing up to the monstrous death engineers is cowardice. Being a douchebag fused to the Senate with an adhesive of literal mucus, the bile of self-important, and the endless cash of the defense contractors is the dictionary definition of bravery. [The Hill via "chascates"]


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