Defiant Homo-Hating Church Still Gonna Burn Korans No Matter What

The socialists who run the city government of Gainesville, Florida, havedenied a permit to the Dove World Outreach Center for its planned International Burn A Koran Day party on September 11, saying that the city's burning ordinance prohibits open book-burning. But USA Today reports that Dove World's online community manager or whatever sent out an email saying "WE WILL STILL BURN KORANS" anyhow, ’cuz the only law that matter's is Jesus's law. So put that in your Fidel Castro caps, suckaz.

As your Wonkette has reported, IBYKD -- née International Burn Your Quran Day -- is open to anyone who believes that Islam is "of the Devil." Participants are to bring their Korans and burn them at Dove World HQ -- or at least that was the plan. But now? The church will either have to pay a fine for its indulgence, or develop a Plan B.

In other interesting IBYKD news, the event's official Facebook page has turned into some sort of chat space between a couple of pro-Muslin and Muslin-neutral online friends who post Nina Sky lyrics and pictures of hamsters and rabbits, with a couple of randoms thrown into the mix. [USA Today/International Burn A Koran Day Facebook page]


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