DEFIANT Karl Rove DEFIES Subpeona Again

John Conyers recently issued a subpeona requiring Karl Rove to appear before the House Judiciary Committee to talk about that whole attorney-firing scandal thing, and of course Karl Rove did not show up because what is he, a private citizen who is subject to the nation's laws?

Of course not. He is an evil, hairy-eared lawn sprite who answers to no god but Pan. And George Bush.

Conyers and others have been trying to get Rove and Harriet Miers to testify for oh TWO YEARS now on a wide variety of topics, but had little success in the old administration even though a District Judge issued a ruling saying the administration's assertion of executive privilege was bunkum w/r/t Harriet Miers.

The new administration may have other ideas, but they haven't really said anything about it yet. They are probably just waiting for Rove to return to his burrow under the rose bush so that they can be rid of him forever.

(Meaning: Obama may not want to rock the boat with the former president by letting Conyers et al haul former Bush lieutenants by the scruff of the neck before the House; on the other hand, maybe this is exactly what Obama wants and he just needs a few more weeks to focus on the whole "save the entire world from starvation and collapse" thing before he turns to revenge on his predecessor's henchmen.)

One enduring fact remains, which is that Karl Rove is a douche who does not answer to subpeonas from mortals.

Obama seeks delay in deciding on Rove subpoena [Miami Herald]

Quelle Surprise: Rove A No-Show, Again, For US Attorneys Testimony [TPMMuckraker]


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