Deflating The Last Of The Air Pockets Of Humanity In The Awful Balloon People


  • Big Oil and Big Natural Gas are fighting, like they always do! It's about energy policy, like it always is! [New York Times]
  • David Axelrod and all his friends are preemptively very offended—on behalf of America—by Wall St.'s big bonuses. [Washington Post]
  • Pakistan soldiers cornered a bunch of Taliban people in South Waziristan, which is a place they really wanted to be for whatever reason. [WSJ]
  • A suicide bomber interrupted a meeting between Shiite and Sunni tribesman in Iraq by blowing it up and killing six military commanders. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The sheriff who has jurisdiction in Evil Balloon County, Colorado, confirmed the hoax and will now be doing everyone on Earth a favor by pressing charges against the hellish Balloon Parents. [CNN]
  • Three people died of non-Detroit-related reasons while running the Detroit Marathon. [Detroit Free Press]

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