Deflation Kicks In As Americans Become Actively Scared Of Economy

Deflation Kicks In As Americans Become Actively Scared Of Economy

The Federal Reserve this afternoon is expected to cut the fed funds rate from 1% to .5%, a modern record. The government is printing more money than you can shake a stick at, all night, every night, to give to financial companies. This should be an incredibly sexy time to make LOANS. Overnight loans, car loans, Truck Nutz loans, who cares, loans loans loans, free money! The only problem is that we've developed a terrorist's mindset in which the American economy, as a whole, has become the enemy.

It is a poison. The economy will kill you if you step near it. We do not wish to bring our money to this... this "thing." It is made of several trillion different flavors of death. Last week, for example, the yield on three-month Treasuries fell below zero for the first time ever, meaning people were effectively paying the government to hold onto their cash. In America, this was happening. People will have nothing to do with this fucking economy in any way. It is made of garbage and dead rats and synthetic collateralized debt obligations and poop.

And this is why we had record deflation last month. (Well, mostly because of cheap gas, which is fantastic, but shhh.) PAY OFF YR STUDENT LOANS WHILE YOU CAN!

Inflation Drops, Housing Starts Fall [ABC News]


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