• Meatball Succubus Christine O'Donnell has a big teevee showdown tonight with normal person Chris Coons. The debate will be held at the University of Delaware, so this will be the first time Christine O'Donnell actually steps foot in a "real school" that is not Fake Oxford. Will Christine accuse her opponent of trying to spread his noxious Yale Divinity Values throughout the no-so-great State of Delaware? And then will Chris Coons politely point out that Christine O'Donnell is a masturbation witch? You know it! And even though Christine claims she doesn't believe in premarital national teevee intercourse, you can watch this debate Live on CNN, at 7:30 p.m. Delaware Time. Your Part-Time Morning Editor will definitely be drinking alone in his room, but we're sure someone else will liveblog this! [Seattle Times]
  • The Trapped Chilean Miners Saga is over. At least six ten miners have been rescued so far, and let's hope everyone gets out alive. Yeah, so next time you Yuppies start sobbing because "there's not enough organic vegan half and half" in your Starbucks caffeine elixirs, just remember that you were not trapped for sixty-eight days in a Chilean mine. And thank goodness, because if you were trapped in a mine how could you yell at the Starbucks manager for not having enough "vegan options"? (Easy: The Starbucks manager would just have to be trapped in the mine with you.) [NYT]

  • Obama says you can drill again, because Mother Nature doesn't vote. [Fox News]


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