Deleted Comments: Asking For Citations? What Typical Feminist Bullshit!


Our Dear ShitFerBrains cup truly runneth over this week, all thanks to the efforts of one very angry idiot who can't stand how women have ruined everything. Our story last week on the bizarro ladies who love the Manosphere and made a MRA pin-up calendar to prove it got a visit from a gent calling himself "Dino," who agreed women are just making up all this stuff about inequality, when in fact men are the ones who've historically suffered the most, because "Dino" says so. See if you can find any flaws in his logic!

Women act like men have historically been sitting on the easy chair with our feet up on the ottoman while women suffered. No, we were dying in wars at a very young age, dying at work and providing for women who knew how to use their sociological position. 99.99% of men have been in the same boat as women throughout history.

When you can show me a war memorial with women's names on it or when the percentage of women killed on the job exceeds 3%, let me know.

I don't expect you to let go of the mantle of oppression despite the gains women have made. That mantle serves you very well which is why women live longer, control over half the wealth in this country, get well over half of the college degrees and where young women are often doing much better than young men in the major cities.

"Dino" never varied too much from those basic points in the many, many words he spilled in our comments section, but damn it, he had his evidence and he wasn't about to be dissuaded from his certainty that women have it too damn easy. And anyone who disagreed with him was the very worst sort of hypocrite, because why don't you have any empathy for the plight of men, huh? When someone called him an asshole, he was ready with a reply:

Yes, because I won't blindly accept that women are mistreated in this country.

75% of the homeless are men. Well over 90% of those killed on the job are men. Around 80% of the job losses in the 2008 recession were men. Spending on men's health issues is far lower than on women's. When you see women not working during the weekdays they're shopping, lunching or carrying a yoga mat. When you see a men not working during the weekdays they're standing on a highway exit ramp begging for change or pushing a shopping cart with all their worly possessions in it. Yet I'm supposed to rally to the cause of the woman who makes 20 cents an hour less than a man after she takes off 5 years to play with the baby or takes a career that carries no risk of injury or death.

It's you who are the asshole, dismissing men's problems because you can't fathom showing any sympathy. I mean, don't some of you women have sons?

Gosh, he's good at tugging on our heartstrings with cherry-picked factoids and stereotypes, although we suppose he really would feel better about the world if more women died on the job or in combat. He's technically correct that more men are killed at work than women -- something an American Enterprise Institute blogger bemoaned in 2013, arguing that in addition to bothersome feminists marking "Equal Pay Day" it would only be fair to insist that men demand an "Equal Occupational Fatality Day” to call attention to the indisputable fact that women earn less on average because they don't take as many dangerous, highly-paid jobs.

Lost in that supposedly fatal argument against feminism is a tiny nitpick: most jobs in Today's Modern Society of Today's American Society are by and large not dangerous to start with, and those in charge when they were, and people had to fight for better safety regulations? Not women. We rather doubt "Dino" really wants greater access for women to careers in high-risk jobs like firefighting, construction, or mining; we have a feeling he'd be satisfied simply with an increase in mass shootings at offices and schools, or perhaps some random explosions in payroll departments. If it makes him feel any better, he can probably take some comfort that the Trump administration will roll back worker safety regulations so more women can at least start dying in, say, chicken-processing plants. And for low wages, to boot! We wonder what the on-the-job death rate is for cherry-pickers?

He really was wedded to that line about women not dying in wars like men do, although there again, he's talking about a pretty rare thing to start with, seeing as how war is not the general state of affairs, and the days of tens of thousands dying in a single battle are long past. And the wars where they did? Pretty sure none of those were started by women. But, but, but, THE MEN still suffered all the combat deaths, damn it! And he had little patience for people pointing to, say, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC, where there are indeed women's names in the black granite, and even a woman's name on at least one British WW I memorial (with more likely to be added as part of an effort to recognize women who died in service). Piffle! How dare you mention outliers in his example, which is already an outlier:

EIGHT WOMEN IN VIETNAM?? There were 58,000 lost. Looks like you ladies have some catching up to do.

Britain isn't this country, sister.

As for the argument that until 2015, American women were excluded from serving in "combat" roles (though they'd certainly been dying in combat well before then), our advocate of absolute empathy for male suffering could only sneer at the silly ladies making excuses for their disgusting failure to step up and die for their country simply because they weren't allowed to. Also, something about Elizabeth I and Margaret Thatcher, we guess, although we thought FOREIGNS DON'T COUNT:

How convenient of an explanation. "The patriarchy kept me from dying in wars." And actually, there were women who recently and historically supported wars. Do you not recall monarchies? Oh how sad that women were living lives of relative ease in the 70s being housewives. I'll bet the 58,000 men, their lives cut short in their teens or 20s would have loved to keep house instead of, well, DYING in the Vietnam war.

Nor was "Dino" impressed by the fact that women can and do die in combat, because volunteering makes it not as oppressive as the draft, which also happens to be a thing men started in the first place:

Yes, [women volunteer] for the freebies with none of the risks. And still, they didn't have to register in order to get the right to vote.

You can't change facts, sister.

When someone asked him what unit he'd served in -- a logical fallacy itself, since if direct experience were the primary source of authority on any topic, no one could write about WW I or medieval Europe -- "Dino" had a ready comeback: He could have been drafted, maybe:

There's a better chance that had served since I registered with Selective Service or I wouldn't get to vote or get student loans. Women, on the other hand, don't have to agree to die for their country in order to get the right to vote. All they have to do is bitch and whine about how bad they have it.

He's lying about the right to vote, by the way -- failure to register doesn't automatically strip anyone of voting rights, although failure to register is a felony -- and if anyone were ever prosecuted and convicted of that, they'd lose the vote in many states. (Hmmm. As an aside, we wonder if all the folks who insist that we must deport 10-year-olds who have cerebral palsy because it's the law would be quite so hot on pursuing felony prosecutions of all men who haven't registered for the draft?)

In any case, "Dino" was sick to death of all you pathetic women (and men who may as well be women, since you disagreed with him, you pussies) who were nitpicking his cherry-picked examples, just like women do:

0.0134% of those killed in Vietnam were women. I stand corrected HAHAHAHA

When someone starts asking for citations or splitting hairs, I know they've just lost the ability to surrender to the facts. Typical feminist behavior.

Best. Deleted. Comment. Of the Month. Yep, that's feminism, for sure -- asking you to prove your claims. All the great male thinkers had nothing to say on the topic of how evidence works, says "Dino," casually sweeping Plato, Aristotle and his mean first-year composition teacher who gave him a D for sloppy research into the dustbin of history. You want evidence? what are you, a feminazi?

We can see why "Dino" would be hostile to "evidence," since one of the few sources he did provide a link to didn't support his claim at all. He kept saying over and over that women "control over half the wealth" in U.S. America, and finally provided a citation to a 2015 Business Insider article about a very recent development: According to a study by the Bank of Montreal, about 51% of Americans' personal wealth was controlled by women, for the first time. The same piece noted that women now own 30% of privately-owned enterprises, which is rather a bit less than half of one segment of the business world, although it's nice that women also hold 52% of "management, professional and related positions" in the USA. But that percentage says nothing about rank or actual power: as of the 2017 Fortune 500 list, women were CEOs at just 6.4% of them, with 32 CEOs out of the top 500 businesses. And that's the highest number of women CEOs in the Fortune 500, ever.

We'd point out here that "Dino" is cherry-picking again, and that controlling 51% of personal wealth is a far cry from women being in charge of half the entire economy, but that's exactly the sort of needless attention to detail that feminists are always throwing at him to spoil his fun.

As the conversation went on, "Dino" got more and more passionate about another crime against Men: circumcision, which of course is a word he never uses, because the proper term is "male genital mutilation":

  • Whine, cry and stamp your feet all you want. It won't change the facts.

    Over half the wealth in America is held by WOMEN.

    Male genital mutilation is just as bad IF NOT WORSE than female genital mutilation because we tolerate the former and prosecute the latter.

    Go fuck YOURself, useless woman posing as a man. Of course you aren't circumcised. There's laws against that.

  • So we should keep mutilating boy's gentailia because a small percentage of white men dominated others, including other white males?

    Good plan. Idiot. But I suspect that is the reason so few women see a problem with it. They feel we deserve to be tortured and mutilated as babies.

  • Let's chop off little girls' hands and only the thumbs of little boys. Then the ladies can scream, "MEN ARE PRIVLEGED!"

Somebody had to go and point out that the founders of the Abrahamic religions weren't exactly women -- which reminded us of an old Penthouse cartoon of Moses atop Mt. Sinai, looking skeptically at the clouds and saying "Now let me get this straight: You want us to cut off the ends of our dicks?" -- but "Dino" was not moved, because it's women who run things and perpetuated the tradition, somehow:

Women willingly perpetuated it. And judging by the comments here, women largely have no sympathy about it. Selfish creatures.

We also learned that shrill feminists forced Hillary Clinton on America ("Congratulations. You helped elect Trump with your blind devotion to Hillary"), and that even if a man is nominated in 2020, pushback against shrill feminists will ensure Trump's reelection, and also any man who agrees with feminism is so pussy-whipped that he's lucky if "your woman lets you stand to pee." Happily, "Dino" himself doesn't have to let women control his sexuality, because he's gay, you see, and doesn't "have to deal with female bullshit" -- a good thing, too, since there's a distinct lack of female bulls (apart from the bulldykes and bulldaggers, we suppose). "Dino" certainly generates all he can handle himself.

After a few hours' silence, "Dino" returned for a parting shot, appealing to all of us as his fellow liberals:

As a liberal, I know that we wouldn't disparage, shame or blame an entire group of people for the actions of a few. It's just not acceptable. But the recent Me Too campaign and comments around it make the case that all men should take responsibility and feel bad about what are outlier actions by men that are quite wrong.

Do we ask all Islamics to all take responsibility for Islamic terrorism? No, because the vast majority of Islamics don't commit acts of terrorism.

Do we ask all African-Americans to take responsibility for crimes in their communities? No, because the vast majority of blacks are not criminals. But we have no problem blaming all men for the actions of a very small fraction.

See anything wrong with that picture?

Yes, indeed, as a liberal, we always start out comments by saying "as a liberal" so no one will mistake us for a basement-dwelling MRA troll. And we definitely call Muslims "Islamics," like Us Liberals do. But "Dino" does at least have one thing right: As a liberal, we'd never blame all men for being as completely dishonest and full of shit as "Dino."

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