Deleted Comments: Demons Are Real. Elizabeth Warren Is Fake.

The 'alt-right' cannot be allowed to co-opt anime demon girls.

As a nice break from the usual run of Trump-humping Nazi wannabes, our Lead Derp this week is from a nice Christian lady who really objected to our recent story about how when Donald Trump moved into the White House, he expelled all the witchcraft that had built up there over the last eight years and that made a lot of demon-possessed women march on Washington, as was explained to us by Jim and Lori Bakker. (Lori Bakker had a side-theory that all the women looked exactly like they had been molested as children, which is something you can tell by looking at TV news coverage of large crowds). Our incredibly lazy and ill-informed reportage did not sit well with "Martha K," not one little bit!

SO! It gives you some work, to write articles on subjects you have no idea about( spiritual things). LorisHouse gives pregnant women a place to stay and helps w education. Report about that maybe.You probably had no idea, with all your bias. There are demons. It doesn't necessarily have to look like Linda Blair's situation.What do you do, watch TV a bit and go write a little biased article that suits you? Where is your research? Get to work.

We replied that "You need to go do some real research on demons" was definitely one of the more compelling things we've been advised to do lately, and thought that we'd banhammered "Martha," but she was soon back:

Where did you see that quote from me? You just made that up. The writer does need to research more extensively and not just write out of mockery hatred and ignorance towards people.He has no knowledge of spiritual things. Sorry you can't stand the truth.

It's so easy to b hateful when you are fearful and ignorant. Praying for you.

We suppose maybe she wasn't telling us we needed to study up on demons, but rather that we need to study up on the supposed good works of "Lori's House," the home for unwed mothers "Martha" mentioned, because obviously if we'd done our research we would never dream of making fun of a woman who can tell by looking at a TV that virtually all of the women who marched on Washington and elsewhere are either molestation victims or possessed by demons. Either way, we feel we do owe "Martha" an apology for having paraphrased her, and also for failing to banhammer her immediately, an oversight we've corrected. Also, "Martha" wanted to let us know that she really does love all of us and is praying for us, even though we're so filled with hate. All in all, she seems nice enough, though her information on demons still seems a bit thin. She also advised us she saw little merit "arguing with ppl who think reality is fantasy," which is to say, people who don't recognize the reality of demons. And, we suppose, those who think Jim and Lori Bakker are more than a little goofy.

We got more Jesus Mail from "robb1952," who took the time to explain to us that Democrats are literally in league with Satan. This was in reply to our piece on Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Graham chastising that She-Devil of the Senate, Elizabeth Warren, for not having a civil tongue:

Democrats, especially of the liberal persuasion, are scrambling. The hatred and evil they have for all is a clear sign of the relationship they have kindled with Satan himself; their teacher and mentor of darkness. There is no one who is safe from their wicked and venomous attacks. The senator from Massachusetts received exactly what she deserved. It was a long time coming. I for one find it quite refreshing to see what was once idle threats by Republicans turn into action. For all of you libs who leeched onto the failed Obama socialist agenda there is a new leadership in town. A leadership that will WORK hard to make this country one that it's citizenship will be proud of again. The time of chaos and confusion is over. The prayers of many have been answered; Almighty God is in control, He will take care of this nation. You can either work with us or stay on the porch and out of the way. Your time is up. It is time to rebuild a nation.

Pretty inspiring stuff! We missed the part of the New Testament where Jebus said "Blessed are the pussy-grabbers, for they shall rebuild the nation," but we guess you take inspiration where you can find it.

Something about that piece really brought out the Warren-haters; perhaps simply the fact that it involved Warren getting punished for being mouthy, which as we all know is an abomination. It's really impressive how impassioned the mere mention of Elizabeth Warren can get these folks, and golly, do they love their ONE JOKE about Sen. Warren, as we saw in this hilarious comment from "james g":

Yes, but listening to Princess Fauxhontas is like listening to fingernails on a blackboard. She knew the rules, she was warned and when she repeated her violation that told her, her time was up. She didn't really mind. She is already fund raising off it.

And this one from "bob":

Warren is in fact, 90% Caucasian, 10% Cherokee, and 100% full of beans. If she is the future of the Democrat Party, then to quote Yoda, "dark the future is, much butt hurt do I sense", for the left anyway.

"Bob" likes that breakdown of Warren's ethnicity so much he used it again on Breitbart. What a clever fellow!

They really love their ONE JOKE about Elizabeth Warren, almost as much as that Donald Trump fellow does -- during a meeting with members of Congress last Wednesday, the president of the United States did his part to bring class and good taste back to the White House by announcing to the Democrats in the room, "Pocahontas is now the face of your party." Sez CNN:

Trump used his pejorative campaign nickname for Warren -- a reference to her claims of having Native American ancestry -- several times during the meeting, which one source described as "equal parts bizarre and completely awkward."

At one point, Trump said the only reason Warren claimed Native American heritage was "because she has high cheekbones," one of the sources said.

Classy guy! But we bet he never puts his big negro feet up on THE AMERICAN PEOPLE'S Desk in the Oval Office, so it's OK.

We learned some Alternate Facts about Elizabeth Warren from "DC":

  • GO MIKE! We are all proud of you for standing up to this AWFUL Senator! Warren's entire professional career is tainted by her use of fake Cherokee status for career advancement. Her work experience amounts to teaching one class 3 hours a week for $350,000. She bleeds students dry, then says she wants to help the middle class!
  • The next time they need to discipline her, they might as well just get out the cattle prod. That's the only language the savage will understand!
  • The fact that she was shut up was not a happy occasion... At a minimum, they should've given her 20 lashes so she'd get the message! Works wonders in Singapore!

Yep, those nuts at Harvard pay out nearly a third of a million bucks to anyone who pretends they're a Cherokee. Good deal if you can get it! "DC's" comment history is a fine stew of wingnut remixes; he (we're taking a wild guess at gender) is apparently incapable of typing "THUGS" without capslock, and at the Hill last week, he offered this thought on Brave Real Chickenhawk Hero Donald Trump versus fakey-fake "veterans" who are not heroic at all:

If every soldier were like John McCain, America would never win any wars. We should glorify real war heroes and not people like McCain, or Tammy Duckworth who is honored for crashing an expensive military helicopter.

Yeah, Sen. Duckworth, why aren't they deducting the cost of that helicopter from your Senate pay, huh?

A lot of our correspondents needed to explain something to us idiot progressives: there is nothing at all outrageous or arbitrary about Mitch McConnell's silencing Warren, because she broke the Rules! And people who break the rules must be punished, don't idiot leftists understand anything? So explained one "Neil Armstrong," who has obviously neither walked on the moon nor even wished luck to Mr. Gorsky:

  • She violated a Senate rule and was warned... so now she has to STFU. The more Dems try to say anything the dumber they sound, so it's probably for the best that ALL Liberals STFU...
  • Another reasoned response form the left.... You people do know you are guaranteeing Trump's 2nd term and another conservative President after that, right?
  • Her gender had nothing to do with it... she broke a Senate rule and that was the consequence. But keep up the whining, only guaranteeing a 2nd term for Trump and another Conservative after that!!!!

Similarly, "AdWhois" (go figure!) explains that rules are rules:

Rules are there for a reason. Warren knew what would happen and continued on purpose.

Leaving aside that the Coretta Scott King letter was cited multiple times during Jeff Sessions's hearings, and that four other Dems all read from it during floor debate without being punished, we're really looking forward to both these folks' impassioned letters to Donald Trump telling him that he needs to divest his ownership of the Trump International Hotel in Washington -- or resign the presidency -- because he's in violation of the GSA's lease on the Old Post Office building. Rules are there for a reason!

Oh, and speaking of the ONE JOKE wingnuts love to make about Elizabeth Warren, our Dear ShitFerBrains column on that topic, from last May, got some very late attention from "Katherine M," who thinks it's a hilarious joke, but can't seem to remember what the joke even is:

  • Fauxhontas the Indian whore. Selling herself as an Indian. She's shit just like you.
  • Fauxhontas that must be you.
  • The only oral history Lieawatha has is when she sucks Democrat dick.
  • Wonkette has only one group trait. They're all ASSHOLES.
  • The only ancestry you have is that you're a member of the ASSHOLE tribe.

Hint: If you think there was a Disney movie called "Pohontas," you may not be smart enough to handle making fun of Elizabeth Warren.

Finally, some thoughts from "WynnLloyd,PhD," who dropped into our thread about Super Bowl commercials that didn't hate Mexicans enough to advise us that he intends to spawn:

I just decided to have a fifth kid.

One more real American, just as the founders intended.

The invaders WILL go back. Not just here, but in Canada, Australia, and Europe. It may take a while but it will come.

Our scholar is a gen-u-whine "alt-right" dude with many mentions of "cucks" and "omega males" and Donald Trump the "God Emperor" in his comment history (where he also explains he's joking about the PhD -- it's "pimpin hoes degree"). He wants us to know he sees right through progressives' supposed "empathy" for the inferior scum who are ruining our once-great (Aryan) nation:

You are the one lacking in empathy. You've lacked empathy since you had to sit on the bleachers in gym class.

Real empathy is for the Americans, robbed, raped, and killed by the invaders, who are unassimiable and hostile to the nation's historic majority. Real empathy exists for those threatened by socialism and those whose rights to free speech have been violated.

Real empathy should be for our children, who will likely have to fight the civil war that mass immigration will produce in every Western country.

What you leftists have is hate; hate for the country's historic majority, hate for the thin, the able, the successful, the beautiful, the strong, etc. Your "ideology" is nothing but politicized resentment, merely the venom that spews out from bottom-ranked high school lunch table, aimed at those on top. I know because I felt that resentment once. It's self-destructive, however. Throwing it off will lead to prosperity.

If nurtured resentment yields failure; the Democratic party's contemporary condition is an excellent example of that.

Love of ones own self, family, community, and nation, are the cornerstones of love for the world and humanity in general. One cannot love the world If one doesn't truly love, and thus favor, his own son or daughter. Fake love is often claimed for those far away or outside our purview, when it's really hatred and resentment for one's own that is the issue.

And tomorrow belongs to him, no doubt. It was nice of him not to sign it "14/88" at least. Before he flounced, though, he had to go and say this:

Trump is president.

All your base are belong to us.



Is there no meme these bastards won't defile?

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